Find out how you can add stages and steps to a course

Now that you've edited your basic course information, you are ready to actually create your course.
First up you can add Stages and Steps. When you compare your course to a book, the Stages are the Chapters of a book, and the Steps are the different pages within the Chapters. You can thus first add the Stages that you would like to have in this course and then afterwards add the different steps for each chapter. There are four types of steps: a video, a quiz, a slide and text. 

When you see the red dots next to the stages and steps you've just added, this means that these are not complete yet and you still need to fill in certain details about the steps. If you click on the Stage you've added, you can name the stage (think about the title of your first chapter) and shortly describe what the students can expect from this stage. If you want, you can attach a badge to this stage, which can be created under the tab 'Studio', under 'Badges'. 

Now that've set the details for the stages, you can get more in detail to the different steps. You can of course choose which ever steps you want, as many is you want, in which ever you want. The four different kind of steps will now just be explained in detail:

  • Video step: First up you can select the skill(s) that are linked to the video. These indicate what skills the students will acquire by watching this video. Specific skills can be created or added via the tab Studio, under Skills. You can then give the Video step a name and add the actual video. Here you first must upload your video under the tab Studio in Media. If you add it there in the media library, you will be able to add it here in the video step. Linked to this video, you can select a difficulty level (the amount of skill points your students receive are linked to this). Next you can again add a description, add some teacher's notes (extra information for the students) and even attach some downloads to this video. These downloads can be any format you want (again, these have to be added to the media library, via Studio, under Media). 
  • Slide step: The same process goes for the Video step. You select a skill, name the slide step and add the slideshow that you've added in the media library under studio (note: slides must be in the format of a Pdf). Then again you can set the difficulty level, a short description, add notes and attach downloads. 
  • Text step: Again the same process goes as the previous steps. Additionally you can set the estimated time it takes to read the text. The actual text can be added in the text box, where you can also manage the lay-out. 
  • Quiz step: Click here

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