The structure of a course

  • A course has stages
  • A stage can be content such as videos, slides or quizes. 
  • A stage can be an event

Apart from adding stages to your course, you can also add events. An event is offline training in a classroom that you can organise and manage threw the Intuo platform. If you want to add an event, you can go to the studio and to the course you want to add an event to. Instead of adding a stage you can press 'add event'. You'll see that on the left pane you will have a different view than in the stages and on the right pane you can set the basic info again about this event. You can name your event, write a short description and attach a badge that people can receive when they've followed the classroom training. Additionally you can enable grading, which makes sure that instructors who organise the sessions can grade the attendees. You additionally can set the settings about the location and again attach a badge that people received if they attended the session. Finally you can add an instructor prerequisite, that allows you to set certain requirement about the instructors that will host the session. You can select a certificate that the instructors must have obtained before they are allowed to teach the classroom session. 

In the left pane you can then see a division between Planning and Sessions. Planning allows you to plan the day and make timeslots which indicate how the day will look like. If you click on 'Add new Timeslot', you can give the specifics for every part of the planning. You can again name the Timeslot (e.g. 'Introduction' or 'The basics of Sales'), attach a skill that will be acquired after attending that timeslot, assign a difficulty level and optionally you can add a description for that timeslot. 

It is possible that you can't organise a training day for all your employees at once and that you might have to organise it several times to accommodate everyone. This is where you hit 'Add new session'. You can here set all the specifications of the training: the location, the date and time, the maximum number of participants per session, define the access by selecting a specific student group (or several), assign an instructor and specify the language the training day will be held on. You can further specify the kind of classroom session you're organising (a classroom session or a webinar). If you have several days the people can select, you can add several sessions.

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