What is an objective?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a method of defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Its main goal is to connect company, team and personal objectives to measurable results. Your individual strengths and goals are acknowledged, while everyone in the company is striving for the same goal. You can mark progress and receive reminders when completion is due.  

Create an Objective

To create an Objective, you press the button ‘Objectives’, whereafter you can see three types; Personal, Team and Organisation. Depending on the type of Objective you want to set, you can go ahead and click on the relevant one to create an objective on the platform. 

Note: Only teamleaders can create team and company objectives.  

Take your time to find the right title to describe your objective. Be sure to make your objective both challenging and realistic! Next you can select a start and due date; we recommend to work on a three months basis. If you're creating a personal Objective, you can now select the visibility

Adding key results to an objective

Every objective also needs some Key Results. Key results are concrete, specific, and measurable. They describe how you will accomplish the related objective and measure whether you accomplished the objective or not. You should aim for about three Key Results for every Objective. For every Key Result you can again set a due date. After you’ve pressed ‘save’, you can hereafter access your Objective at anytime. You can mark your progress and adjust if necessary by clicking on the Objective and the attached Key Result(s) on the progress bar ('We're getting started', 'We are making process', 'We are halfway', 'We are nearing completion' or 'We are finished').

Personal, team and organizational objectives

There are three types of Objectives; Personal, Team and Organisational. Your Personal Objectives are Objectives that only concern you. You can set your own objectives or in deliberation with your teamleader. Team Objectives are set by team leaders for their team and concern the goals of their team. Each team member contributes to the Objectives of their team. The Organisational Objectives are the Objectives everyone in the company contributes to in their own way. These reflect the ambitions and goals the company has, that represent the mission and vision of the company. 

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