Reinforcement is all about making the old ways harder to do and encouraging the new way of working. There of couple of tactics you can use:

Close off all other ways to the old ways of performance management. If you used to have excel files to set objectives and evaluations, delete them off the intranet and upload them in intuo. Ask people to give their feedback via the engagement pulses if you hear complaining at the coffee machine. 

Knot the new way of working into business processes. After every project someone needs to ask for external feedback from the customer and all project team members need to ask another team member for feedback and only then the project is officially finished.

Have new team members set the right example by educating them in the new system straight away. You can set-up a elearning module for onboarding and have a pre-fixed set of objectives people need to attain the first 3 months at the company. They will get into the habit straight away and set the right example. 

Celebrate small successes. If a team was able to meet their objectives, dig deeper and learn about the process that made it possible and spread out the success story throughout the company. 

Instead of merely working on the tool, try to create some awareness as well on the concepts like feedback and objectives. Hang up posters on how to give good feedback or identify some feedback killers and get people to practice. We have some merchandise available to reach out if you need a hand. 

Focus on your management team and positively reinforce the them too. Set aside some time to go through the analytics and praise the team leaders that are doing well. Don’t forget to ask them for feedback to or how they can be supported in this process as well. 

Have some fun with it! Organise a praise day, make some posters with the top users, buy some sweets for people who received positive feedback. Get creative! 

Don’t forget the knowledge part as well. Set-up recurring trainings so people can come over for questions, refresher trainings or extra information on new features.  

Also make it easy for your team to get in touch if they have questions, create a separate email address so everyone in HR as aware of what comes in and it’s easy to use for everyone in the organization. 

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