Let's say you want to give praise for a job well done or give feedback to someone with regards to a certain objective, you can easily link those two together. 

There're two ways to do this:

  • Open an objective and click at the top right to give a praise or feedback about the objective. 
  • Or you can start with creating your feedback/praise and link an objective afterwards:


It is possible you won't see all objectives or the specific objective you're looking for, because we still take visibility levels and permissions into account. The same goes for choosing visibility levels for your new feedback or praise when an objective is attached.

E.g. When you attach an objective with visible level 'you and your teamleader' to a praise, that praise will automatically filter out all visible levels 'higher' than 'you and your teamleader'.

At this moment it's only allowed to add objectives to a reaction when only 1 receiver is selected.

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