Note: by default, this option isn't visible. If you want to work with Instructor Types, please contact your Success Manager.

You can set an 'Instructor Type' to give a course instructor certain permissions related to the Learn module, without needing to make that user an admin or to create a new role. With Instructor Type you can fully configure the responsibilities you want your instructor to have.

Create an Instructor Type

You can create an instructor type by going to Studio > Instructor Types. When you create a new Instructor Type, you can enable/disable certain permissions you want that instructor to have.

Add an Instructor Type to the course

Secondly, you need to add the Instructor Type to the event. When you go to Studio > Courses > [Course], by selecting an event you can add the Instructor Type in the Instructor Type field.

Add an instructor to a session

Lastly, you can add an instructor to a session by going to Studio > Sessions and creating a new or editing an existing session. In the Instructors field you can then specify the Instructor Type to the selected instructor, by clicking on the orange edit button on the right side of the field if the instructor was already enrolled, or if you add a new instructor you will see a popup to choose your type.

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