What can YOU do?

You can turn enable/disable a whole bunch of different email notifications in your personal profile settings. Click on your profile picture and choose Edit Profile. Go to the second tab "Notifications" and toggle the emails you (don't) want to receive.

What can WE do?

The following emails can be turned off for your platform by contacting our support team or your success contact:

  • emails with templates (only admins): In Settings > Communication > Mail templates you can find the emails that are customisable to your liking. You can contact us if you want one (or more) turned off completely. 
  • forum reply received
  • new forum topic for teamleader
  • new forum reply for teamleader
  • weekly report sent to team leader
  • All emails: contact us if you want no emails at all.

Configuration mode

If your platform is still in configuration mode, all emails are blocked and will not be sent out. Once your platform is out of configuration mode, only platform invitation emails are sent out.

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