Feedback on the platform can come under three forms: praise, feedback and requesting feedback. All three elements are meant to help a person grow and improve their skills.

When you click on the Feedback-button under your avatar, you can either choose to Praise someone, Give Feedback, Request Feedback or Add a Note.

Praise someone

If you want to send a praise, the first thing to do is to select who you would like to praise. You can type in the name of one of your colleagues or a team. Secondly, you can select core values, objectives or skills you want to link with the praise. The most important part is to write the message you want to bring across. Finally, set the visibility of the praise you're sending out, to either the team of the person receiving the praise or the whole company.


Give feedback

You can also give feedback. Here goes the same flow as for praising someone, only the visibility levels are different and more limited, since the content of constructive feedback might be a bit more delicate. Each person that gives feedback can choose the visibility of the feedback. 

Requesting feedback

You can request feedback by clicking on the Feedback tab and press the Request Feedback. Again, the same flow goes as for giving praise and feedback.
Important to note is that you can also request feedback to externals. This means that you can request feedback to people who are not on the platform, e.g. your customers, partners, etc. You can enter their email address and they will get a unique link to give you feedback. This is very easy. You also have the possibility to repeat your request for feedback. 


Making a note on the intuo platform is a way to keep track of your to-do’s and thoughts about a member of your team (only you can see this!). You can add notes about their progress or things you can’t forget to tell them. You have the possibility to share your note about somebody with someone that you explicitly select. 


In the Studio > Feedback, you can set feedback templates and standard visibility for feedback.


In this tab, you can easily change the default visibility and the visibility levels for feedback and praise. Here you can select the different visibility levels users can choose from when they're sending out praise or feedback. 

Feedback templates

Feedback templates are pre-written feedback examples which you can draw inspiration from when you’re helping someone to get better. As an admin you can make as many templates as you want. 

Templates can be set to give feedback or to request feedback. If you enable it 'show in window', people will be able to select a template if you've created one. 

Watch the videos for more information!

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