Can I change the platform's language? 

Yes, and each user can individually change the language for his or her use. Simply go to your profile by clicking the profile picture top left. Once on your profile you click the "edit profile" button in the top right corner. 

(It's possible that this option is disabled by an admin)

Can an admin bypass certain privacy settings?

No. The privacy set in feedback is set in stone, not even the admin will be able to see the private feedback you send.

I get the error that I've put too many characters in a text field (more than 4000), while I'm sure it's less than that. Why is that?

Probably you've copy/pasted your content from a word processor such as Microsoft Word. Such word processors actually include a lot of hidden formatting. It's better to write the text directly in an Intuo text field or copy/past your text from a plain text editor (such as Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for MacOs) and do the formatting in the platform.

Can people be a part of different teams?

Yes, definitely. We're not bound by regular organizational charts.

Is it possible for an admin to resend the user invitation mails?

Yes, you can manage your invitations by going to Users > Invitations and by hovering over a pending invitation. You can then click on the round arrow on the right.

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