General check-list:

  • Do some random checks in the teams to see if you're satisfied with the current structure. You linked parent and child teams?
  • Customize the email that will be sent out when you invite people: Settings > Communication > Emailtemplate New import (e.g. CSV)
  • Customize the landing page: Settings > General > Landing Page
  • Add your company logo: Settings > Appearance > Logos
  • Go live: click on the orange bar at the bottom of the platform and Go Live!

Checklist for Perform:

  • Skills and core values have been added: Studio > Skills/Core Values
  • You created conversation templates: Studio > Conversations > Templates
  • You defined the visibility of objectives & feedback: Studio > Objectives/Feedback > Visibility

Checklist for Engage:

  • You activated/added the questions you want to use
  • The frequency of pulses and amount of questions in pulses are configured

Checklist for Learn:

  • Courses are published?
  • Studentgroups are created and linked to the right courses?

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