You can change a lot in the intuo platform, but not everything is configurable. In this article you get an overview off all the settings you can and can't change.


  • logos but maximum 1 per platform
  • the appearance of the platform - you have the option to choose out of 10 themes but also the possibility to personalise the colours, but this is an extra cost to your license
  • language per user
  • enable/disable features platform-wide (all users) - you can choose to enable feedback requests and disable giving feedback (settings)
  • the content of the landing page - you can define the content of the login page
  • the visibility for check-ins for admins - can an admin see the summary of a check-in? (studio)
  • login - SSO or create a user account (ask your customer success manager)
  • emails - intuo success manager can configure when an email should/shouldn’t be sent
  • the content of the emails, but only for the whole platform
  • courses only visible for a subpopulation, you can create student groups 
  • skills/core values can be changed platform-wide
  • the visibility options for objectives and feedback are configurable by the users 
  • you can choose how the objectives will be displayed (hierarchical or per category, company-wide) 
  • if admins can create project teams yes or no (by intuo success team)


  • Layout, where which feature is
  • the concept names - check-in, praise, feedback, engagement,...
  • the names of the roles (user - admin - teamleader - coach)
  • modules per group - it’s for instance not possible to open the perform module for white collars and not for blue collars 
  • order of the items in the menu
  • sub-admins - or you are an admin of the hole platform, or you aren’t an admin. There is no option to be an admin of a part of the population.
  • the check-in process (also not per check-in topic)
  • the way the objectives are structured (OKR)
  • these things aren’t separately configurable for different groups of users: 
  1. core values
  2. features
  3. check-in topics
  4. objective categories
  5. custom fields on the profile 
  6. welcome message
  7. colors and layout
  8. performance snapshots
  9. engagement questions (will change)

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