What are Feed Suggestions?

At the top of your feed you will now see little circles with your team members' (and/or coachees) initials on it. These are the Feed Suggestions and will be replacing the action bars that were previously shown there. Just like the Actions, they will give you a call to action (responding to feedback request, filling in a engagement pulse, updating an objective, ...). However, these suggestions will also proactively give you recommendations about some actions you might want to undertake (for example, praise one of your team members)

The view from the top

The Feed Suggestions are replacing the actions bars.

Why Feed Suggestions?

Our platform's goal is simple: Reducing the coaching workload and enable people to thrive professionally. Every effort we put in is aimed at accomplishing that.

Our new feed suggestions are a perfect example of said quest.

Each person gets an overview of the intuo Moments they can fulfil for themselves as well as for relevant team members. User-based actions instead of task-based actions, all aimed towards growing.

Fewer suggestions mean you're advancing your own personal development or someone else's. This makes life easier for managers as they can "tick off" the intuo Moments one by one, with the knowledge they are doing a good job for themselves and for that person.

How does it work?

You can hover over one of the circles (the left one is always yourself) and it will give you the recognisable standard actions such as give praise or request feedback, but also some suggestions for what your next action could be. 

Hovering will show you many actions the platform suggests for you.

Opening the suggestions will show you a list of actions you could undertake. You can 'snooze' them until a more suitable timeframe if you don't feel like doing then right now or complete them. 

View from your own suggestions

See everyone's suggestions on one page

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