Who can see my objectives?

You can see that on the bottom left of the objective. By default it’s usually you and your team leader but it depends on the company setting.

There are four options:

  • visible only for you
  • visible for you and the team leader*
  • visible for you, coach(es) and team leader(s)
  •  visible for you and your team
  • visible for everyone within the company

*If Coaching is on, this becomes 'you and your coach(es)'

Can I directly request feedback on my objectives?

You can request feedback on your own objectives, as well as praise or provide feedback on your colleagues’ goals. Both are done by hovering over the blue intuo logo in the top left corner of the detailed view of an objective.
You can’t if your administrator has disabled the feedback functionality.

Are my personal objectives automatically linked to team/organization objectives?

No, personal goals are not linked by default. If you do want to link them, go ahead! Select the correct team in the drop down menu under ‘Linked Team’.
Linking objectives to a team is only used to filter personal objectives. You cannot find any personal objectives on team objectives.
It’s not possible to link them to organizational objectives.

Why do I need to add ‘key results’ to my goals?

The platform works with the principle of OKRs: Objectives and Key Results.
The objective’s title answers the question ‘What are you responsible for?’ (eg “improve presentation skills” or “increase inbound marketing effectiveness”). Usually they are set on a timeframe of 3 months.
The key results answer the question “how will we know if the objective was successful, most of all, they are measurable (eg. “Do 20 presentations” or “increase conversion ratio of home page with 10%).

Can the results and the objectives have different due dates?

This is possible. The different key results can have a different due date. This means that the objective can also have a different due date than the different important key results.
By default they will have the same due date as the objective.

What is the point of the progress bar? Who should change it?

The idea is that employees track their progression and managers validate it at the end of the cycle (usually quarter). If you’re not happy with the progress type, you can change them to either of these: 

- no progress
- show progress in five steps
- show progress through percentage
- show progress through numbers

How many objectives do people usually set? 


In which time frame should I set up my objectives?

Ideally, quarterly. But you can do as you please.

Where can I see if my objectives are about to expire?

You will receive a notification on the platform. If you enable notifications for email, you will also be notified that way. The notification is sent 14 days before the due date. 

How can I find my objectives easily and quickly?

By clicking on ‘objectives’ in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, go to your own profile (by clicking on your photo), where you can also opt for an objectives tab.

Why can I see other people’s objectives?

Because they have shared them publicly. You do that on the bottom left corner after clicking any of your objectives.

Where can I see objectives from others in the platform?

If your colleagues have chosen to open their objectives for you, you can find them by visiting their profile and selecting the objectives tab. Alternatively, go to the ‘objectives’ in the menu bar on the left side of the screen and search for their name in the drop down menu below your own name.

Who can adjust the objectives of my team and organization?

The objectives of your team are adjusted by the team leader.
The objectives of the organization are adjusted by the admin of the platform.

Can I add attachments to certain objectives? 

Yes you can. Click on an objective, and select ‘attachments’ at the bottom. Be sure to upload each file with a clear and comprehensive name. The name serves as a description and helps others to quickly know what the file contains.

Can I tag someone in objectives?

Yes. Just use the @ symbol and start typing.

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