Can my team leader see my preparation?

Yes, but only once you have submitted your preparation. This means you can take your time and rework your answers until you feel comfortable sharing the thoughts you wrote down.

Will my invitation for a conversation be placed in the agenda?

If you use google calendar or outlook, the invite is automatically synced. You will receive an email containing the calendar invite.

What is the difference between a quick conversation and a regular conversation?

A 'regular' conversation is a conversation with preparation and planning (selecting a specific date). A 'quick' conversation is a conversation you are having right now (no planning & preparation) or had before and want to log.

What is a template?

Every conversation is based on a template, which is prepared by an admin. We provide two templates:

  •  the 'Regular' template for conversations which need preparation
  • the 'Quick' templates for ad-hoc conversations

The flow of a conversation can be different depending on the selected template. It's the responsibility of an admin to decide whether or not the conversation should be prepared, whether you can add questions yourself, etc...

Can I have multiple conversations with one person?

Yes, you can. You can plan/have multiple conversations with the same person.

Can I have several team leaders to have a conversation with?

If your team has several team leaders, or you are part of several teams, you can have conversations with each of them separately.

Is there a possibility to view my conversations on paper?

You can download a conversation through a csv-file. We have to be honest though, it doesn’t look that nice in terms of design. It was created for admin purposes, not really for printing. 

Can I also start conversations that I have not prepared?

If for some reason you didn’t get to preparing the conversations you had planned, you can still continue with it. For some conversations it can be obligated to first prepare your conversation. (This is something the admin of your platform decides.)

Where can I reread the conversation with my team member?

You can revisit the log of the previous conversation in the conversation history of your team member(s). There're 3 ways to do this:

  • go to ‘conversations’ in the menu bar on the left side, click on the tab History at the top of your screen 
  • click on the three dots on the right side of the team member you are looking for, and click ‘history’. 
  • you can find the history on your team member's profile under 'conversations'

Where do I get a notification that it is time to have a conversation with a team member?

You will receive a notification on the platform. If you enable notifications for email, you will also be notified via email. You can change notifications by going to your profile (click the big round thing with your initials or picture on the top left) and then clicking notifications.

Why is it useful to write a summary of my conversation?

The summaries you write during a conversation between you and your team leader are stored in the history. Imagine changing team? Then you take this history with you. Imagine a new team leader joins your team? Then this person immediately has insights into your growth and personal evolution.

Can I add attachments to a conversation?

You can add an attachment during the conversation. This can be done at the bottom of the page. If you have had the conversation and you are at the end of the overview you have the chance to add an attachment here as well.

Can my team member send an invitation for a conversation?

Yes, both team member or team leader can initiate a conversation. For some conversations it's only the right of the team leader to initiate a conversation, e.g. exit conversation.

Can I add additional questions during the conversation?

It depends on the type of conversation you have. For some conversations you can add additional questions while in other conversations the questions are predefined by HR.  

Why can't I delete the questions that show up during the conversation?

If you can't delete a question during a conversation, it's because this has been restricted by the admin on the template level.

How can I cancel a conversation?

You can only cancel a conversation as a team leader or a coach. Go
to the Actions in the top right corner and select Cancel Conversation.

I closed a conversation by mistake, but I would want to add something. What now?

If you're the team leader or coach you can reopen the conversation until three days after closing. Go to Conversations and find your team member there. Click on the three horizontal dots on the right to open the history. Next to the date of the closed conversation, you will see an edit icon which will let you reopen the conversation.

I can't see all praises and feedback during a conversation. Why?

You can only see the praises and feedback since the last conversation. It would also depend on the visibility levels set on those praises and feedback. Feedback that's only visible for the receiver, for example, won't be visible for his/her team leader.

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