For whom is my praise visible?

There are six visibility levels: 

  • visible for everyone within the company
  • visible for receiver and its team leaders
  • visible for receiver and its coaches
  • visible for receiver, its coaches and its team leaders
  • visible for only you and the receiver

The sixth one (all team members) is when you give praise to a team instead of a person

For whom is my feedback visible?

You can always see this on the bottom left when giving/requesting feedback, if it is feedback you have already received you can see it by going to the icon right next to the name of the person giving the feedback.

There are five visibility levels (one of which could be disabled)

  • visible for only you and the receiver
  • visible for the receiver and team leader(s)
  • visible for the receiver and coach(es)
  • visible for the receiver, coach(es) and team leader(s)

The fifth one (all team members) is when you give feedback to a team instead of a person.

Your company can choose a default visibility or you can choose yourself.

Can I give feedback to a certain objective?

You can request feedback on your own objectives to people on objectives that you have shared publicly, and you can provide feedback on other people’s goals provided they have shared them with you (by changing the visibility to public or by tagging you in the comment section). Both are done by hovering over the blue intuo logo in the top left corner of the detailed view of an objective. On non-public objectives you won’t see this!

Is there a possibility to request feedback from external people? If so, where is this stored?

You can indeed request feedback from external people, who don’t necessarily have an intuo profile themselves. Either you type in the person’s email address in the 'request feedback' section, or you share the public link with her/him. The feedback will be displayed on your profile afterwards.

Can I ask for feedback about someone else without that other person seeing it? (For example, Account manager-customer relationship)

No, this is not possible. Feedback that is requested must always be done from the profile of the individual. You can add notes (if enabled on your platform by your admin) and tag other people. 

Can I filter my feedback on specific core values afterwards?

You can filter praise and feedback afterwards on certain core values within the organization. This is possible by going to your profile and choosing feedback in the menu bar at the top. You will receive the filters on the right side of the page.

For whom are my notes visible?

Your notes only visible to yourself and not to the person the note is logged on, unless you have explicitly shared it with someone.
If you want to observe all the notes that you have written about certain individuals in the organization, then go to your profile and select your notes in the menu bar at the top.

Can the person with whom I shared my notes change my notes?

No, the person with whom you have shared notes with does not have the right to change certain notes.

Is there a possibility to adjust feedback/praise that has already been sent by myself?

Yes, you can change praise and feedback that you have written yourself afterwards. You can adjust the text or adjust the visibility.

Where do I see a notification when someone gives me feedback or asks for feedback?

You will receive a notification on the platform with your notifications. If you enable notifications for email, you will also be notified via email.

Can an admin bypass certain privacy settings?

No. The privacy set in feedback is set in stone, not even the admin will be able to see the private feedback you send.

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