How can I cancel a conversation?

You can only cancel a conversation as a team leader or a coach. Go to the three vertical dots in the conversations overview and click 'Cancel Conversation'.

Are conversations possible outside of a team?

Not really. Team members can plan a conversation with their team leader and vice versa. However, you can also plan a conversation with a coach. This coach can be a person outside your team.

Who can see a conversation with their team leader? 

Conversations are private between the parties involved, by default. However, there are two exceptions possible. 

In the template of a conversation, you have two settings that can change this. The settings are:

  1. All team leaders of the user can see the complete conversation, including questions. If this setting is ON, all team leaders can see the history of all the conversations of their team members – even those that were not held with them.
  2. Admins can read summaries. If this setting is ON, admins have access to the conversation summaries.

To access these settings, go to Studio > Conversations > Templates. Click on the three horizontal dots to see the options of that templates. Select 'Edit'. At the bottom of the template settings, there is a section called 'Viewing rights'.

Is there a way to quickly log a conversation? 

Yes, you simply look up a person, and when their profile picture appears you hover over the check mark icon in the bottom right corner. Two new icons will appear: Normal or Quick Conversation. This is very useful when a conversation happens without being planned in advance and is usually used for shorter meetings. Alternatively, you can go to the Conversations screen and click on the + icon of the person you want to have a conversation with and select Quick.

Who can start a conversation? 

Anyone can start a conversation unless the option "Regular users can start the conversation themselves" is unchecked.

How do I create conversation topics and questions? 

You can do this in the Studio > Conversations > Topics or Questions.

What is a Push?
A push allows you to assign specific conversation templates to different group of users during a certain period.

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