Who is able to set objectives? 

We have three kinds of objectives: Personal, team and organization. Team members can set personal objectives, and team leaders can also add personal objectives for their team members. Team objectives can be set by team leaders. The admin is responsible for the organizational objective. All objectives can be set by the admin(s). 

Can users see their colleagues' objectives? 

It depends on their privacy setting. Personal objective can be set as private, which means that they are only visible to the one who set them: "Only for me". Other possibilities are:

  • Visible for me and my team leader(s) (if the Coaching feature is disabled)
  • Visible for me and my coach(es) 
  • Visible for me, my coach(es) and my team leader(s)
  • Visible for everyone

Can I tag someone in objectives? 

Yes. Just use the @ symbol and start typing.

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