You're not limited to your own organization when it comes to requesting feedback. You can also request feedback from outside sources, such as clients, customers, business partners, etc...

If you want feedback from an outside source, just enter the person's email address in the search function. That person will then receive an email with your message and a request for feedback.

How do I request external feedback?

Click on Feedback Request and enter the email address of the external person. Write your request or choose one of the Feedback Templates that is added on your platform.
You can improve your feedback request by adding some core values and skills. Click on the green button Request feedback and the external person will receive an email.

Remark: as a teamleader you can request feedback for yourself, but you can also request feedback for a team member. 

Remark: If you request feedback for a team member A, the feedback that you've requested will be visible for team member A as well. 

What does the external person needs to do?

The external person will receive this email:

He/she should click on the link or the blue button to give feedback. No login required.
Afterwards they get this screen where they can write their feedback. The core values and skills you tagged are also visible for this person.

How will the feedback look like on your feed?

If the external person gave you feedback it will appear on your feed. 

You can always comment on the feedback you received. You have the option to send your comment to the external person.

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