The intuo platform can send all teamleaders a weekly team report. In this report you'll get an overview of all activities your team members performed on the platform.

This is an extra setting that your Success Manager can enable for you. So if you want to receive these reports, you should tell them. If you enable it, the weekly team reports will be send to all teamleaders.

It gives the teamleader better insights about:


  • which feedback did the team members receive
  • which praise did the team members receive

Remark: only if the feedback/praise is visible for the teamleader


  • which objectives were created
  • which objectives were edited

Remark: only if the objective is visible for the teamleader


  • who enrolled a course
  • if a course has been published
  • who has completed a course
  • who has received a certificate¬†


  • how many people filled in the survey
  • the team engagement
  • the evolution of the team engagement in comparison with last week
  • the qualitative feedback that has been given

Below 2 examples: 

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