For some features of the platform we keep an 'audit log'. That means that we log certain changes to specific features, to keep track of historical data. With this, we're able to rollback to an earlier version of that feature if necessary.

What do we save?

  • Any changes to the settings of your platform, so that we can pinpoint when a certain setting was changed and by whom. Also, for certain features that can be enabled/disabled per individual platform we keep a log.
  • Any changes to Courses, Stages, Steps and Enrollments (to courses, tracks or sessions). 
  • Any changes to objective attachments (only attachments for now).
  • Any changes to Check-ins

For How long do we save this?

Until the object in question is deleted. So if a course is deleted, all versioning ( = log of historical changes) is deleted as well. This has also a cascading effect, as this will also delete all logs regarding the stages and steps that were part of that course. However, we do keep the deletion event of that course!

When the platform is deleted itself, we also delete all logs that come with it.

Who has access to this?

For now, this is only accessibly through the regular Support Channels. 

Will this be expanded to other features?

In short, yes. Over time, we will add an audit log to other features of the platform. We will update this article when that happens.

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