• Skills you're known for

These are the skills that you currently have. This way you can showcase what you can do and let your organisation know in what areas of work you would be a good fit.

  • Skills you want to improve

These are the skills that you wish to develop (more). These can be skills that would fit your job description as well as skills that you wish to learn personally.

How to add your own skills?

There are two ways you can add new skills to your profile. 

  1. with a feed suggestion
  2. on your profile page

Feed suggestion

If you haven't added any skills yet, a feed suggestion (behind your avatar) will ask you to do so.

If you start typing a skill, the system will help you find the skill you're searching for. We have a broad library of skills available at your platform. 

Once you fill these in, they will also be shown on your profile.

Profile page

You can also easily add new skills on your profile page on the Skills tab.

Why should I fill in these skills?

If you fill in these skills, it helps your colleagues to give you a praise/feedback about these skills.
The skills you're known for and want to learn show up when someone wants to link skills to a praise/feedback.

Who can see these skills?

The skills you fill in are visible for everyone in the organisation.

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