To increase value of this workshop we usually send a survey to 50 employees about the current state and desired future state of performance management.

Before noon:

- The current state. We'll dive into the current way of doing performance management and what you'd like to see changed & what your employees said in the survey.

- The vision. By looking at your employee value proposition, strategy & current culture we'll look at how performance management should one day be to support all that.


- The dependencies & rewarding. We'll talk about the survey results & how you could organize rewarding as an intermediary step towards the vision we've crafted before noon. We'll go into full brainstorm mode.

- The process: conversations, feedback & objectives. We'll dive into the concepts your employees are already using and we'll work our way back to find out what kind of process you could use for the majority of your people.

- The frontrunners. We'll think outside of the box, go into brainstorm mode again and think about concepts for feedback and other conversations that we want to offer managers to start building that feedback culture.

- The change. If we still have the time, we'll think about how people will react to all of these new concepts.

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