In intuo each team has at least one team leader. This person is the hierarchical leader of a team. All team members can have conversations with the team leader. And depending of the settings, he can see the feedback and objectives of his/her team member. 

In some companies, it's difficult to speak with your team leader about your personal development. In those cases the team members have an extra coach. With your coach it's mostly easier to have a conversation. The feature of a 'coach' is not standard. If you want to work with this, you should contact your success manager.

How to add coach(es)?

If your success manager has enabled this feature, you can add a coach by clicking on Users > Coach.

How to add coachee(s)?

Go to Users > Coaches and click on the pencil to manage the coachee(s) of a coach.


In the settings you can define if a coach sees the same, less or more than the standard team leader.

You have these options:




Team members can have a conversation with their coach or team leader. 

If you have a conversation with one of them, the other won't see what you discussed. 

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