Important: the new conversation templates will be live from the 17th of January 2019.

What are pushes?

'Pushes' are a way to assign a certain conversation template to a group of users. A pushed template is available for a limited period of time. A push allows you to send a specific conversation with a defined set of questions to a carefully selected group of users. You can basically tell your users to conduct this conversation within a certain time frame and follow up on their progress.

Note: It's important to know that an admin will create the conversation push, but it's still up to the teamleader(s) and/or coach(es) to plan and conduct the conversation with their team member.

Create a push

To be able to create a push, you will first have to create a template. To find out how, check out this helpdesk article

You can assign a template by going to the 'Templates' tab in the Conversations Studio (Studio > Conversations > Templates). Here you will see the 'Push' option for every available template(*). 

When you click Push you will see a window where you can create one or multiple pushes for the selected template. You'll have to name the push and set the availability of the conversation.

Take into account that 'Deadline' does not mean that this template becomes unavailable after that data. This is rather a gentle reminder for your users to finish the conversation before that date. To make the template unavailable you'll have to close the 'push' (see below).

The next step is to assign users.

Assign Users to a push

Once you've set up your pushes you will be able to assign users. Clicking the 'Assign Users' button in the creation window will redirect you to the pushes tab. You will now see your created pushes and an option to assign users.

The platform will give you two options to assign users to the template. You can import a list of users from an existing push or you can manually select and assign users.

Importing Users

When you already have used the push option, you can import a list of earlier selected users. Select the push of which you want the import the users from. You can still select more users or deselect users from the list in the next step.

Selecting Users

Simply select the relevant users and click the 'Assign x users' button.

Once the users are assigned, they will receive an email telling them that a new template is available for them to use and the deadline before which the conversation has to be conducted.
You will now see the selected list of users in the Users tab when you click on the Push's name.

Here you can follow up on your users whether or not they have already conducted the assigned conversation.


Who will receive a notification?

If you assign a user to a push, ALL teamleader(s) and/or coach(es)  of the user will receive a notification and will see the conversation push in their Conversation overview. If only one of those managers/coaches is supposed to conduct the conversation, the others can ignore the push until it is closed.

Close a Push

When it's time to close off the conversation template for your users you can close the push. Click on the Edit option in your pushes overview to go to that push's settings.

Click on the Close button to close and finish the push.

(*) You have to explicitly allow the template to be available through push. Check the relevant Permission to conduct option inside the template settings.

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