Important: the new conversation templates will be live from the 17th of January 2019.

A conversation is a synonym for a one-on-one, an evaluation conversation or an appraisal. The Intuo platform will enable you to plan/request a conversation and select the topics that you want to talk about. 

When you go to the conversations tab in the menubar, you'll be redirected to an overview of your team members and/or teamleaders, or optionally as a coach or a coachee. These are the people with whom you can have a conversation!

The overview

In the overview you'll see the people ordered by relation. They can either be your team leader, team member, coach or coachee. From left to right you'll see:

  • Name of the person you can conduct a conversation with
  • The date of the planned conversation (if one is planned)
  • The name of the template that's been used
  • The conversation steps: Prepare, Talk and Finish
  • The options menu: This will give you access to the conversation history with that person, the notes you've collected about that person and the option to cancel the conversation (only the team leader/coach in the relation)
  • The add button: Add a new conversation based on a existing template 

You can have multiple planned conversations at the same time. As you can see on the image below, it's possible to plan your conversations well ahead of time and plan different kinds at the same time.


To plan a conversation, go ahead and click on the yellow + button at the far right of the user. 

In the first window you can select the template on which you want to base your conversation. You can click on the question mark next to each template to find more information. You can also find the summaries of your past conversations with this person and the notes you've collected.

In the next screen you can plan your conversation. First you start by setting the date and time. 

The second step is to set the questions. This will depend on the conversation template that has been chosen. It's possible an admin has already preset a couple of questions he/she wants you to discuss. It also depends on the template settings whether you can add or remove questions. 

For some templates you will have to follow the questions set by an administrator, for others you will have more freedom to customise your own conversation.

Once you've decided on the questions, you can hit 'Plan Conversation'. The person you've planned a conversation with, will receive an email with the calendar invitation attached. 


It's now up to you to prepare this conversation. It's possible that this option is not available depending on the template. Go to the platform and hit 'Conversations' in the menu bar. You will now be able to prepare your conversation by hitting the 'Prepare' button next to the name of the person you're having a conversation with! 

You will now be able to think about a few questions that will be discussed in your conversation with your team leader/team member. You can formulate an answer to the questions and hit submit your answer. Once you're done with your preparation, you can submit it via the button in the top right corner 'submit preparation'. 

As a team member (or coachee) your preparation will remain hidden until you submit it.

As a team leader (or coach) you can prepare the conversation as well. You can also send a reminder email to your team member (or coachee) to finish their preparation.


Now you're ready to actually sit down with your team member or teamleader to have your conversation on the agreed date, time and place! One of you (or both) can grab your laptop, go to the conversation menu bar and now press the 'talk' button. 

On the right, you can see the flow of your conversation, as setup on the template. It's possible you will not have all options as described below. 

First up: the conversation. Together you can discuss the questions and answers that had been selected. When you're talking, you can even add certain answers if you want (both team member and teamleader can do this).

When you're done with the conversation part, you can move on to the feedback. Here you will see all the feedback/praise/requested feedback of the team member. This can also be taken into account in the conversation, to see where a person can grow even more. 

Next you have the objectives. All the objectives (personal, team and organisation) of the team member will be visible here. You can discuss the progress of the objectives and the workload. If you want, you can set a new objectives via the top right button 'actions' and then press 'add objective'. Now you can add an objective, straight in the conversation! 

Next step are the courses. Here you can see which courses your team member has followed and which he/she is following at the moment. If necessary you can also enroll the team member in a course on the spot.

You can then check the engagement scores together. Here you can see and discuss how the team member is feeling at work,

Finally, you can move on to the summary part to make some conclusions, briefly summarise what's been said and maybe even write down some key take-aways or to-do's. If you scroll further down, you'll have a small overview of the objectives and the questions that were asked at the beginning of the conversation. 

Done? Great! You can now wrap up your conversation and hit the button 'finish conversation'. You're conversation is now saved into the system!

Conversation history

If you want to look back at your previous conversations, you can easily do this is you go to the History tab in the overview. Here you can see all past conversations you've conducted. You can also take an export to a CSV file (top right corner). 

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