The engagement overview will have a second tab titled 'Comments'.

For a user, all comments that have been replied on by a team leader or an admin, will be shown here. As a user, you are guaranteed to stay anonymous.

For an admin or team leader, the comments tab will look like a mail inbox. The categories will be 'Comments' and 'My Comments' with the latter listing the user's own comments. Next to Comments you will see a badge listing the amount of unread comments.

If you want to reply to feedback given on one of your questions, you can click the Reply button on the item. This will open up a chat-like modal where you can engage with your employee or team member in a safe and anonymous way.

Let your team leads respond to their team members' feedback

You can give your team leaders the option to answer to their team members' feedback themselves by enabling the Team leaders can reply to engagement feedback sub-setting, which can be found in the Show qualitative feedback for team leaders section in Studio > Engagement > Settings.

On privacy: who can see which names

For the user who left feedback

The user will see the full names of all people who will be able to read his feedback.

The admin/team lead who will reply to the feedback

The person who replies on the feedback will not see any names, only the functions of who can see it.

Other examples:

The message you'll see in the feed

The reply on engagement feedback window

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