Admins can download different reports. You can find them in the intuo Apps. Click at the bottom of the menubar on the icon with the four squares.

Afterwards click on Reporting. This is still a beta version and in the future we will continue working on improving the reporting. If you want a specific report, you can contact our support team via the chat or send them an email:

We have reports for every feature, below you will find examples where you can see which information is included in the report. We have reports about:

  • conversations
  • feedback
  • objectives
  • performance snapshots
  • engagement overview
  • learn
  • users

You can filter each report by clicking on the filter top right.


All finished conversations

All planned conversations

All finished conversations per template

     Coming soon

Amount of finished conversations per user as a team member/coachee


All praise and feedback


All objectives (except strictly personal)

id - owner - owner_email - team - organisation name - type - category - due_date - status - score - skills - key_result_1 - key_result_1_due_date - key_result_1_progress - ... key_result_4 - key_result_4_due_date - key_result_4_progress


Performance Snapshots

All completed performance snapshots

All completed performance snapshots per snapshot template

     Coming soon

Engagement Overview

Export raw data from engagement overview

Average score per question on a monthly basis

driver - question - March 2019 - feedbacks_for_March - April 2019 -feedbacks_for_April - May 2019 - feedbacks_for_May - ... 

Average scores per team on a monthly basis


Users and courses matrix

Session details and enrolled students

    Coming soon

Export of external courses followed by users


Regular users export

user_id - first_name - middle_name - last_name - full_name - email - status - role - signed_up - last_activity - language - organization - job_title - department - phone - birthday - joined_company_at - gender - street_name - street_number - bus_number - postal_code - city - country - guid - skills_gained - skills_learning - student_groups - coaches - teams - teams_leading 

Users and custom fields

Users with tagged skills

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