The new design for Objectives has been live since the 17th of April 2019. In this article you'll find out what changed. If you want more information on what objectives are, or why they are so useful, please read these articles first:
 - (for admins)

What changed?

In short, the new design is much simpler and easier to use. The old design involved manually enabling whose objectives you saw, which in turn led to not always seeing the ones that were the most useful to see.

You can now easily switch between your own objectives, the objectives of your team(s) and those of the whole company.

Which objectives can I see?

If you go to Objectives, the first thing you'll see are your own objectives. In the top menu bar you can then switch to your team's objectives and your company's objectives.

Team objectives

A significant change happened in the team objectives. You can now easily see team-wide objectives, alongside objectives of your team leader and fellow team members. This will give greater clarity on the goals of your whole team.
You will see your team's and team leader's objectives first, followed by all team members objectives in alphabetical order.

Navigating the Objectives in column view

To navigate the objectives of yourself and your team members, you can either:

  1. Scroll through all the objectives with the arrow buttons on the bottom
  2. Click and drag to the next page of objectives.

Navigate with the arrow buttons

What stayed (almost) the same?

Last but not least: some small changes to existing features.

  • You can still filter objectives on status, date, and linked teams.
  • You can still change between different views, but we changed the icons into a dropdown on the right
  • You can now find the search function on the right. We also included pre-defined categories of People, Teams and the Company, to quickly find which objectives you're looking for.

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