The Dashboard is one of intuo's newest apps, available only to admins. It is still actively being developed but already available to try out. It gives admins the power to analyse their company's data more in-depth.

The main goal is to empower admins to see how intuo is helping their organisation. By providing the data and the tools to analyse them, intuo believes it's possible to purposefully guide the development of your company culture.

Currently, there are two different dashboards available: Activity and Engagement.

How to access the dashboards

Click on the four squares icon at the bottom of the menu bar and then click on Dashboard.

Activity dashboard

In the Activity Dashboard you can monitor how often your employees use intuo, and which features get used more frequently. This is very helpful to know, because it empowers admins to develop the company culture more consciously.

If the improvement of your company culture is slower than expected, this dashboard is an excellent option to investigate why that is.

For more detailed information about the Activity dashboard, go to this article.

Engagement dashboard

The Engagement Dashboard shows a more in-depth analysis of the engagement data. This makes it possible to spot problems in your company culture for certain demographics of your employees. Admins can now see results per gender, tenure, job title and/or age.

For more detailed information about the Engagement dashboard, go to this article.

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