On the platform you can give feedback to everyone who is on the platform (more info). You can also ask feedback to your colleagues, but also to external persons for example customers (more info).

But it's also possible to share a public link so that everyone who clicks on this link is able to give you feedback or a praise. 

Where can I find the public feedback link?

Click on the feedback button. At the bottom you can find your personal feedback link.

What is on the public feedback link?

If you click on the link you will get this screen:

They have the option to give feedback or to give a praise.

Remark: you have the possibility to select the language of this page, before you share the link. You can choose English, French, Dutch, German or Spanish.

What does the external person need to do?

He/she can write a praise/feedback. Once they send the praise/feedback, they will get a confirmation email to verify their email address. Once it's confirmed, the feedback will be published on the feed of the intuo user. 

What does the intuo user see? 

He/she will see the feedback on the feed

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