Feedback templates can help your employees get started on writing feedback. It can be a source of inspiration, to know what they should write about, or provide a pre-written structure that they can easily fill in. This also makes it possible to enforce a certain uniformity in feedback. Feedback templates enable you to list questions that an employee needs to answer.

Feedback templates can be used for giving feedback, as well as requesting feedback.


Using a feedback template

To insert the text from a template into your message, click the template icon (two stacked pages) in the bottom right of the text editor.

Remember: the template you use is just text that gets added in the text field. You can still edit the message of your Feedback (Request). Templates are just a convenient way to avoid too much typing.


Creating new feedback template

In Studio > Feedback, go to the Feedback Templates tab, and click on 'New template' in the upper right corner. Be sure to select the appropriate type of Feedback you want to create this template for. This can either be 'Give Feedback' or 'Request Feedback'. Be sure to give your template a descriptive name that will make it clear what sort of text the template will insert in the message of the Feedback (Request).


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