By creating templates, you make life easier.

By using templates you can request/give feedback faster and easier, because a large part will already be prepared. In this way you can help the requester/giver by presenting certain key points. You also ensure more uniformity in this way.

Create a template

First you have to create templates, so you can use them later.

In the main menu choose Studio > Feedback

In the next screen, click for the <Feedback Templates> tab. If there are already created templates, you will find them here. Also you can check which templates are enabled (Request and/or Give).

Choose for New Template in the upper right corner

  • Select a Feedback typeGive FeedbackRequest Feedback
  • Give your template a Name
  • Write the Text you want to have in the template
  • Click on Save Changes

Your template will now appear in the list

With the three dots at the end, you can edit or delete your template.

Use a template

Because in this example, we’ve created a new template for Request Feedback, you will find this template when you request feedback from another person.

You can request feedback in 2 ways

  • Click on a teammember in the My Feed screen. Now this teammember is automatically selected to receive your request.
  • Click on the Feedback button in the home screen
  • Click on (for this example) Request Feedback
  • In the text field, click on the template icon to add a template.

In the same way you can create and use also templates to Give Feedback.

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