This article deals with using the Intuo-integration into your slack environment. For more information about how you can set this up, please check out this article.

Once you authorised our INTUO bot to operate on your Slack channel, you will see a new user appear on Slack (with the name intuobot or similar). You will be able to talk to this bot. Try sending "help" (without quotes) to see what's possible.

You can then 'talk' to your Intuobot by using any of these commands.

If a given command doesn't return any results, hit stop to reset the slack bot. After which enter the command the again.

The Intuo Channel

You can set up a dedicated channel for praises. Only praise which is visible to everyone, will be shown in the channel. We'll never show personal feedback for example. For more information about how to set this up, again check out this setup article

The /praise command

It's possible to send out praise from your slack environment. From every channel you can use the command /praise  

This command takes two arguments: the slack username of the person you want to praise and the actual message. Please take into account that every praise given this way will be visible for all users in your platform.

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