By assigning a role to users you decide which permissions they have on your platform.

Read this article to know more about the different roles and permissions.

There are 2 possibilities to set a role for a user.

  1. On the profile of a user

To view the profile of a user, you can use the search bar in the main menu

Alternatively, you can go to Users > Users

  • Click on the user whose role you want to change
  • Click on Edit Profile in the upper right corner
  • Update the field Role
  • Don’t forget to Save the changes

2. Settings – Roles and Permissions

In the section where you create the Roles and Permissions, you can also add new users to them.

In the main menu, go to Settings (cog wheel icon) and then click on the Roles and Permissions tab

  • Click on the three dots of the role and choose Edit
  • Click on tab Users
  • Click on Add Users in the upper right corner and select the user(s) you want to add
  • Click on Add Users (n) in the upper right corner
  • The selected users have been added to the chosen role
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