Enabling approval flow on a session

There are two ways to enable the approval flow on a session:

  • in the course editor
  • in the Session Studio

Course editor

You can access the course editor by navigating to Studio > Courses. Select the course with the session you want to enable an approval flow on. Once you're in the course editor, click on the session. In the side pane, there's the option to enable the approval flow.

Session studio

Navigate to Studio > Sessions. Click on the session you want to enable an approval flow on. Click the toggle as shown below


Who needs to approve

Once you've enabled the approval flow, you need to select who needs to approve the requests. This can be done by either admins or the team leaders of the users doing the request.


You can choose which admins are responsible for the approval requests. Either you give all admins of the platform the ability to manage requests or select specific ones.

Team leaders

If you want team leaders to manage these requests, the user doing the request will be able to select which team leader the request gets sent to.

Admins and team leaders

It's important to note that when both admins and team leaders are enabled, the decision of the admins will always override the one from the team leaders. In this case, the admins will have the final say over approving an enrolment. The approval / refusal of the team leader will be visible to the admin and will act as a suggestion, so the admin can make an informed decision.


Approving or denying a request

To manage approval requests, navigate to Learn > Manage and click on the Session Requests tab.

By default, you will see all pending approvals. You can approve or decline any of them individually with the buttons at the end of each row, or you can do several at once selecting them with the checkboxes on the left side and clicking the Approve or Decline buttons at the bottom:

When an enrolment is declined, a dialog will open asking for a reason:

Once an enrolment is declined, users can try and enrol again for the same session, and the same approval process will apply.

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