As a company handling change in your feedback culture, you might want to gate the feedback that's being given. This means that a manager or a coach* can view and (if needed) revise feedback before the recipient will see it. A revision of the feedback could be useful for a number of reasons: not constructive, too harsh, too vague etc. Enabling gated feedback gives managers the ability to better help their team members with the feedback they receive. 


Managers/coaches* can write a conclusion and choose to share either the original feedback, the conclusion, or both.

IMPORTANT: When Gated Feedback is enabled, the visibility option “Only Receiver” will not be available.



As an admin you have to enable this option for your platform.

Go to Studio > Feedback > Settings

You will find a new section to enable the Gated Feedback

When enabling gated feedback, the GIVEN feedback should be reviewed by a team leader or a coach* 

When enabling the option “Allow Conclusion”, the team leader or coach*, can revise the feedback. This could mean rewriting it, summarising it, adding their own comments to it. The team leader/coach* will have the ability to share either the original feedback, the revised version (called 'conclusion' on the platform) or both.

When all settings are done, click on the Save Changes button on the top right.

*(if coaching is enabled on your platform)

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