When you are creating a course, you might want to work with video material, slides and maybe attach files that the students can download to reflect on afterwards. These files have to be uploaded beforehand in the media library.

You can access the media library when you go to Studio > Media. This is the place where you can manage all your media assets. On the top you can see three tabs: Videos, Slides and Downloads.

For all of the three categories, you can add folders, which you can name after the courses you need specific media for.

Adding videos

If you click on the tab Video, hit the top right button 'Add folder', and give the folder a name. Select the folder to upload files in it via the top right button 'Upload'. Videos can be any format (mp4, mov, avi...)

Adding files to Slides tab 

When uploading your files in 'Slides' make sure they are PDF files. We do not support .ppt(x), .key,...

In some cases you might end up with no text being rendered on the slide. Try and change your font type.


Adding file to Downloads tab

The third tab is the Downloads, where you can upload files that your employees and students can download in the course. You can upload documents here that students might need, even after they've finished the course to reflect on. Here you can upload any file format (audio, excel, text..)

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