What are Core Values?

Core Values are there to provide structure and guidance to give feedback on the platform. Standard there are already a few on the platform (e.g. Job Knowledge, Execution, Teamwork,..) but you can always delete or add some. As a company you could add Core Values that are linked to your company values.
If, for example, Innovation is an important value in your company, you could add this as a Core Values, so your employees can give feedback to each other about this value. This makes sure that your company values become more known and come to life among your employees!

You can add/delete/change Core Values when you go to Studio and click on Core Values. There you have an overview of the current Core Values. When you hoover of one, you can change or delete it. The only Core Value you can't delete is 'Job Knowledge', since this one is linked to the Skills. You can add a new Core Values via the top right button 'New Core Values'. You can there name your driver and select a colour. 

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