Standard there are two roles on the platform: user and admin. To manage this, you can go to Settings (the cart wheel in the bottom left corner) and hit the tab 'Roles and Permissions'


A user is the role that generally will be assigned to most of your employees on the platform. A user will not see the Settings cart wheel in the left bottom corner. In the menu bar they will also not see the tabs 'Users' and 'Studio', these are only meant for the Admins. Under the Learn tab, they again will only have access to 'My Learning' and 'Library', not to 'Manage' and 'Reviews'.

When you hit the role 'User', you'll see that under the tab Permissions, you can assign users the 'User' role. 


An admin is a role on a platform that has access to everything. They can create courses and change settings in the Studio, manage users and teams, create courses, review courses and change the look and feel of the platform. To know more about all the functionalities of the Studio, click here

When you click on the Admin role, you can further see in detail which functionalities the admin has access to. 

An admin also has access to the Intercom Chat functionality. Admins can find this in the bottom right corner of their screen when they are on the platform. This allows them to be in touch with the intuo support team, who will reply to your questions or difficulties as soon as possible (usually within five minutes). 

Creating your own extra role

It could be that apart from the user role and the admin role, you would like to create an additional role with specific access to certain features. 

When you go to the Settings and click on the 'Roles and Permissions' tab, you can see the 'New Role' button in the top right corner. You'll be prompted to enter a name for this new role. 

You'll then be able to fully configure the role as you see fit by enabling the Admin Interface.

Overview of all admin interface possibilities:

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