The performance grid allows you to compare the results of your users' performance snapshots against metrics such as tenure, custom fields, or other snapshot results.

Snapshot question themes were introduced along with the performance grid to make it easier to configure and get more value from the data visualisation. To start using the performance grid for the first time, you're required to link your snapshot questions to a question theme.
Please check if your performance questions are linked to a theme already by navigating to Studio > Snapshots > Questions tab.

If your snapshots questions aren't linked to a theme yet, you can link them yourself by editing the questions, or contact your success manager if you need help with this.

The tutorials below assume that your snapshot questions have been linked to a theme already.

How to select the data you want to visualise


The performance grid and how to configure it

How is the score of a user calculated?

Every snapshot question with a scale type can have its own custom scale. By default, the questions have a 0-5 scale, but you can change it to anything as long as the interval is no bigger than 10. So 0-10 works, just like 5-15, but not 0-11.

This has an impact on how we display the score of a user in the performance grid. Because the grid allows you to aggregate scores from different snapshot questions (that each could have a custom scale), the final score of a user is 'normalised' back into a 0-5 range. This allows for consistency in the data visualisation, without the results being skewed because one question has higher scale points than the other.

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