When working on a brand new platform that you're in the process of configuring, it will be in configuration mode by default. This is indicated by a blue bar on the bottom of your screen:

Basically, a platform can be in either of the two following modes:

  • Configuration Mode
  • Live Mode

By clicking the Learn more button in the blue bar on your platform, you will see a modal pop up with additional information:

The above basically states that you can do everything on your platform and your users will not receive any email notifications. You can add them on the platform. They won't receive an email notification. You can enroll them in a course. They won't receive an email notification. You can send them a praise. Again, they won't get an email notification. Important to note is that users won't even be able to log in, unless they have admin permissions!

Until you go live with your platform, it will stay in configuration mode. Use this mode to set up all your teams, prefill objectives, enroll your people into courses or build useful e-learning content.

Once you go live, we will send out one (and only one) welcome email to every user that was added. Check out the below animation to see the whole flow in action:

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