When you request a CSV (comma-separated values) export on the manage students page of a course, you will receive an email with a .csv attachment.

The CSV file will have the following headers:

  • student_name
  • email
  • status

The status will always equal to "Enrolled" on this CSV.

  • deadline

If you added a deadline for the student, it will be shown here as a date. You can add deadlines on a per-student basis.

  • time_spent

The total amount of time spent in the course. This does not include time spent reading downloads or external links. Only time spent on the intuo platform (watching videos, reading slides, taking quizzes and reading text steps) will be tracked.

  • general_progress

The general progress in percentage.

  • completed_at

If the user completed the course, it will show the date on which they completed the course.

  • certificate_award_score

If the course has a certificate attached, and the certificate has a quiz, then the score on this quiz is shown here. If they haven't earned the certificate yet (whether they haven't tried yet or they failed), then this field will show "0%". Since you can earn a certificate only once in a course, only the score of the first try will be shown.

  • student_groups

All the student groups this student belongs to.

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