The goal is to align business goals, process & tool. Preferably there are more business people than HR people present (they will form the intuo project team).

The preparation

The workshop 

We designed the Talent Enablement Canvas to guide you in the right direction during the kick-off workshop and give you an overview of where you are headed with your new Performance Management Process. The goal is to fill in every part of this canvas during the workshop. In this way we want to obtain a clearly defined process.

The Canvas consists of four big parts: 

  • Current & future process: We are going to reflect on what you like and dislike about your current process. Think about why you want to implement a new process. What’s your vision? 
  • Dependencies: Think about what other processes are linked to your Performance Management for example leadership maturity and rewarding & promotion.With the experience that we have, we can set some expectations and possible difficulties.
  • New process: Here, we define what your minimum process is (which is mandatory). In other words: what do you expect from all your employees in this new process? And what do you offer employees that want to do more than just the required process (recommendation)? 
  • Change: Conceptualise how you will communicate the new process and expectations to your majority and frontrunners. If you consider offering leadership training: which ones?

You will receive your own canvas where you can make some notes to take with you after the kick-off workshop. 

During our kick-off workshop we focus on our talent enablement canvas. 

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