There are currently several options for customers to get started with our platform, digital and in real life.  


1. One pager
Brief explanation in a PDF. Learn, Engage and Perform. 

2. Intercom Helpdesk. (
A collection of how-to articles to help onboarding by topic. For example: Perform > Feedback > explanation and how to use this functionality.

2. Intercom chat.
In-App support that gives you a chatbox that is a direct line to our support team. 

3. Digital onboarding wizard.
The first time users enter the platform they are guided through the functionality.

4. Webinars.
We offer webinars that are interactive and created ad hoc for each client.

5. Sharepoint/Intranet/...
We always advise our clients to create a page on the internal communication platform for people to discuss items, find manuals and ask questions.

6. Frequently Asked Questions
A collection of frequently asked questions, with answers ;-).

7. Getting Started Guide.
A simple online webpage with some introductory videos.

8. Video from the business.
Something that often helps in communicating the goals of this new roll-out is having the business link the feedback culture to the future company strategy.

Real life help

1. In-person training 

By focusing on the process & core concepts first, before diving in the tool, we ensure full buy-in from the participant group. During this training. It's even better if we can do two trainings: one for the theory (explaining the concepts, soft-skills & process) and one for the actual tool. Because it's usually the new concepts of coaching and feedback that are more difficult to understand, not the tool itself.

2. Train the trainer.
A one-on-one session to help you understand the functionalities in order to teach you how to further explain the platform to your employees. Either by phone, skype or real life. Again we advise to inform people enough about the process & concepts behind the tool before diving into the tool. Ideally there's a clear link with the company strategy so people feel desire to start changing.

3. Deck of cards.
A real deck of cards with coaching topics to help facilitate check-ins. We can distribute those before the roll-out of the platform to ease people into the coaching-mindset.

4. Poster.
A visual aid to help employees use the platform. It contains a visually attractive way of outlining your performance process. We don't have an out of the box poster, but can help you design one.

5. Our Customer Succes team
Our highly dedicated team ensures efficient roll-out and is always availably to help with urgent matters. They also assist in your roll-out pro-actively with activation mails and surveys.

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