Your own profile is the place where you have an overview of all your activity and data from the intuo platform. This article will illustrate what you can see and do with your profile!

You can access your profile, by clicking on your profile picture/avatar in the top left corner.

Depending on which modules your company has decided to use, you'll have different tabs there:

In the Profile tab, you'll have an overview of everything that concerns you. On the right, there is a timeline of all major activities. You'll see changes in your team, achievements of the team, praises, updated objectives and much more! 

Further more you'll find several boxes on this page that show a summary of your objectives, the courses you're following (if the learn module is activated), etc.  


Another way to view all your personal, team and organisation objectives! You can filter here on due date, on type and if you've completed them or not. 


All the feedback and praise that you received, gave and requested.


A dashboard of the skills you've acquired via the learn module and the courses that you've done. You can see the evolution over time, your top skills, your experience points per skill, in which percentile you're in and even your raking compared to the other students.


In the course tab you have an overview of all your ongoing courses, completed courses and upcoming sessions.


Here you find an overview of all the tracks you're subscribed to. 


Some courses have certificates attached to them. If you complete them successfully, you are awarded the certificate and you can view them here!


Apart from the certificates, some courses award you with some badges if you completed certain steps. You can access them here!


This tab shows you all the check-ins you've had on the platform. You can see all the dates and details about your one-on-ones. 

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