Before you start to create courses, you can (optionally) create groups. You can create these groups and add the right people that match your organisations’ team and overall structure. You could thus for example create a group ‘Sales’, which you then can enroll into sales-specific courses on the platform. On the other hand, you can attach a group to a certain course, so only this group has access to this course. You can thus e.g. link group ‘Marketing’ to a certain course, so the other groups can not see this course in their library. 

The goal of creating groups is thus twofold; on the one hand a higher efficiency to enroll a whole group in a course at once and on the other hand limiting visibility for certain groups in your organisation. 

The creation of groups is completely optional. If you prefer to let everyone in your company see all the courses available, then you can skip this part about groups. 


  • Users
  • Groups
  • Create group
  • Name your group (e.g. Marketing Study Group)
  • Label it with a colour (Swatch)
  • Create group
  • Click on the group you’ve just created
  • Add users
  • Select the people you want to add
  • Click on ‘add to group’


You can always delete or edit the name of groups by hovering over them and clicking the little bin or the editing pencil. When you click on the group, you can always delete people from that group, by hovering over the relevant person and pressing the little bin. 

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