In the communication tab in the settings, you can change the communication e-mails that are being sent out from the platform (e.g. when a conversation is planned, when you're invited onto the platform,..).


In the first tab 'Placeholders', you can change some items that keep on returning in the mails. For example, everywhere where the admin email would appear, you can change this here which email should appear here. You can do the same for the main contact email, the Facebook URL for your website, the twitter URL and your website URL. This way you can customise the intuo emails a bit more!

Mail Templates

Another way to customise the intuo mails a bit more, is via the mail templates. If you hit this tab, you'll have an overview of all the e-mails that can be sent out from the platform on different occasions. If you click on one, you can change the standard text. If you want to do this for the different languages on your platform, you can do this via the 'manage translations' button in the top right corner.

You can change the subject of the e-mail and the copy. You can always use the placeholders you've changed in the previous tab!

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