Before you start

This article will show you the basics of Objectives: what are objectives and OKR's, why are they useful, which types of objectives are there on the Unit4 Talent Management platform, and how to add/edit an objective.


What are Objectives and OKR's?

Objectives and key results (OKR) is a goal-setting framework that helps organisations define goals - or objectives - and then track the outcome


An Objective is a clearly defined goal with one or more key results - specific measures used to track the achievement of that goal. The goal of OKR is to define how to achieve objectives through concrete, specific and measurable actions.

Learn more about key results and how they work on the platform in this article.

Tips on how to set up objectives and OKR's can be found in this article.

Why are they useful?

The main goal is to connect company, team and personal objectives to measurable results. Your individual strengths and goals are acknowledged, while everyone in the company is striving for the same goal.


Types of objectives?

There are three different types of Objectives on the Unit4 TM platform:

  • Personal - What are YOUR goals?
  • Team - Which objectives does your whole TEAM want to pursue?
  • Organisation - Which objectives are important as a COMPANY?


In this article we will only focus on the personal objectives. Team objectives can be added by a team leader and organisation objectives can only be added by an admin of your platform.


Add an objective

Click on Objectives in the navigation sidebar.

Now you will see an overview of the three types of objectives, linked to you, but as a regular user you can only create a personal objective.


Click on the + sign next to your name or click on the Create Objective button in the upper right corner.

Steps to make:

1. Give your objective a name

For whom is this objective visible?

2. Add key-results. 

Key results focus on how you will accomplish your objective

3. Add a due date

4. Save

Take your time to find the right title to describe your objective. Be sure to make your objective both challenging and realistic!


Every objective also needs some Key Results. Key results are concrete, specific, and measurable and will determine if you successfully completed the objective. You should aim for about three Key Results for every Objective. For every Key Result you can again set a due date.


You can also add some skills, comments and attachments.


Click Save when everything is added.


You will see now a summary of your objective and of your progress.

Edit an objective

The most important thing for your objectives is that you measure your progress. Keep this up to date.

If you want to update something on your objective (due dates, extra Key Results or Skills, update the state of a Key Result, …) click on the objective you want to update. Don't forget to click on the Save Changes button once done.