If you want more information on what objectives are, or why they are so useful, please read these articles first:

Objectives - Getting started

Tips on how to setup and use Objectives and OKRs

Viewing objectives

If you go to Objectives, the first thing you'll see are your own objectives. In the top menu bar you can then switch to your team's objectives and your company's objectives. 

You can easily see team-wide objectives, alongside objectives of your team leader and fellow team members. This will give greater clarity on the goals of your whole team.
You will see your team's and team leader's objectives first, followed by all team members objectives in alphabetical order.

Navigating the team objectives view

To navigate the objectives of yourself and your team members, you can either:

  1. Scroll through all the objectives with the arrow buttons on the bottom
  2. Click and drag to the next page of objectives.

You can see the Team objectives in Column View or in List View by clicking the dropdown list at the right.

Using filters

You have the possibility to filter the objectives

  • Status
    1. Open
    2. Finished
    3. Canceled
  • Date
    1. Due After
    2. Due Before
    3. Updated After
    4. Created After
    5. Created Before
  • Linked Team

Search specific objectives

You can look for specific objectives by using the search function on the right. Search on the person or team you want to find the objectives of. Company objectives are selected by default in the 'Company' tab.