New users are guided in creating their first objectives with a tutorial on the platform. This article will show you how this tutorial looks like on the platform and provide some extra information.

How to use this feature

You can ask support to enable or disable this feature for you

When does a user see this tutorial?

If this feature is enabled on your platform, The tutorial will be shown for at least the first two objectives that the user creates.

If you navigate away from the Objectives page after creating those first two objectives, the tutorial will disappear. Simply reloading the page will also work. You can't enable the tutorial again.

What does the tutorial look like?

The tutorial consists of three steps that guide you through creating an Objective and key results. These only guide you through the essentials of creating an objective.

For more information on what you can do with Objectives, read Objectives - Getting started

1. Give the objective a name

2. Choose who can see your objective

3. Create key results

Give a name to your key result

Change the progress type